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How to Perfect Your Pitch for Funding: Insights from Our Webinar and Social Enterprise Connect Imbizo

| Sabele Ntoyanto | SEC Blog

At the heart of social entrepreneurship lies a vision for transformative change. On August 29, 2023, the Social Enterprise Academy, with support from SAB Foundation & Industrial Development Corporation, invited social entrepreneurs in Gqeberha, Durban, Johannesburg, and Cape Town to apply for the 6-month Build Your Social Enterprise Program, offering a chance to win R 10,000 to fund their enterprises. On March 6, 2024, we hosted a pitch training webinar facilitated by Zizipho Dyubeni to prepare participants in the Build Your Social Enterprise Programme. This webinar was a pivotal moment, equipping our social entrepreneurs with the essential tools and skills needed to deliver compelling pitches that secure vital funding. By focusing on problem-solving, social impact, and financial viability, our participants are now better prepared to capture the attention and support of investors.

Key Lessons from the Pitch Training:

This training not only prepared them to secure funding but also to create meaningful societal change. Also looking at how to construct your Pitch and Tailor Your Message.

Constructing Your Social Enterprise Pitch

By following these guidelines, you can craft a compelling pitch that addresses critical issues, demonstrates impactful solutions, and presents solid financial plans. This approach will help you secure funding and create meaningful societal change.

Problem Statement: Start your pitch with a clear and succinct definition of the problem your social enterprise addresses. Highlight the pain points of your target audience and emphasize the urgency and significance of solving these challenges.

Service Offering: Present your service or product effectively. Explain how it addresses the identified problem and meets the needs of your target audience.

Solutions and Impact: Use real-world examples, case studies, and testimonials to demonstrate your solutions' effectiveness. Emphasize both the economic benefits and the social impact your enterprise can achieve to attract investors interested in positive societal change.

Financial Projections: Present realistic and well-researched financial projections. Include revenue forecasts, expense breakdowns, and key financial metrics to showcase your enterprise's growth potential and demonstrate a clear path to profitability.

Social Impact Components: Highlight the social impact components within your business model. Discuss your mission, values, and commitment to positive change, and showcase any partnerships, certifications, or accolades that validate your social impact claims.

Impact of Successful Funding: Outline specific milestones, initiatives, or expansion plans that funding will support. Paint a compelling picture of your enterprise’s future trajectory and its potential ripple effects on communities and stakeholders.

Key Considerations for Investors: Research potential investors to understand their investment preferences and values. Tailor your messaging to resonate with their priorities and concerns. Build trust and credibility by being transparent and authentic throughout your pitch.


How to Tailor Your Message Using the Appropriate Tools

In the realm of social entrepreneurship, effectively tailoring your message to resonate with diverse audiences is crucial. Our pitch training webinar provided participants with insights on how to adapt their presentations using various styles and tools to maximize impact.

Presentation Style: Ideal for formal settings like investor meetings or conferences, this style uses tools like PowerPoint and Google Slides to create visually appealing and structured slideshows. These tools help convey complex data and financial projections clearly and professionally.

Video Presentation: Suitable for online pitches and virtual meetings, video presentations leverage multimedia elements to captivate the audience. Tools like Canva and CapCut allow for the creation of dynamic videos with animations, testimonials, and product demonstrations. Adobe Premiere Pro is excellent for high-quality promotional videos.

Storytelling Style: Effective in informal settings such as networking events or community gatherings, this style builds rapport through personal narratives. Tools like Powtoon and Vyond enable the creation of engaging animated stories, while Prezi offers a unique zooming interface for dynamic presentations.

Using these tools, social entrepreneurs can craft compelling messages that resonate with their audience, enhancing their pitches and increasing their chances of securing support for their initiatives.

Social Enterprise Connect Imbizo: Perfecting Your Pitch

Furthermore, this May, we hosted the Social Enterprise Connect Events with the theme of Perfecting Your Pitch in which we delved more into this subject, adding on how you can create your elevator pitch. With an engaging exercise inspired by Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on "Start with Why," we shared during the events. This exercise, modeled after a speed-dating format, allowed participants to practice their elevator pitches. The key lesson was the importance of starting with their "Why" – the purpose or cause driving their enterprise. Sinek’s research shows that leaders who inspire do so by communicating their "Why" first, driving decision-making and behavior around their purpose. You can watch Simon Sinek's TED Talk here:

 Simon Sinek Start With Why TED Talk Short Edited

Pitch Winners

The event provided a platform for our participants to apply their newly honed skills. The five finalists from the Build Your Social Enterprise Programme in each of four provinces had the opportunity to pitch their enterprises. The 1st prize winners got R10,000, 2nd place R6,000, 3rd place R4,000 to invest in their social enterprise. Here are the winners in each Province:

WhatsApp Image 2024 05 24 at 16.43.53

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our partners for making these initiatives possible: the SAB Foundation, Industrial Development Corporation, and Social Enterprise Academy. Their support has been instrumental in equipping our social entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to perfect their pitches and secure funding for their transformative projects.

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