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Linking Changemakers to

Learn | Collaborate | Grow

We are changemakers like you creating social and environmental impact. We are a community that brings together like minded people from all sectors across SA. We create safe space to connect on your, often lonely journey as a Social Entrepreneur. Come and learn, collaborate and grow with us.

Join Social Enterprise Connect

Incredible people like you who are stepping up across South Africa to make a difference in their communities need support. We are committed to connecting and supporting you with resources to build and grow their impact. 

Members can look forward to:
  • Connecting with other social enterprises
  • Accessing latest funding opportunities
  • Free resources to help grow your social enterprise
  • Asking questions on our support forums
  • Exclusive member events around the country
  • Advertising their social enterprise products and services in our Connect Marketplace
Who can become members?
  • Do you run a social impact organisation?
  • Are you reinvesting most of your profit back into the fulfilment of your mission?
  • Do you run a business with the purpose of uplifting your community through economic activity?
  • Do you run a¬†non-profit organisation that‚Äôs transitioning from donor funding to self-sufficiency?

What is Social Enterprise?

A Social Enterprise is a business that combines social impact with economic activity. Social enterprises seek to maximise profits while maximising benefits to society and the environment. Their profits are principally used to fund social programs. These businesses are driven by a social/environmental mission and reinvest profits into creating positive social change.

Join Social Enterprise Connect

Social Enterprise Connect is an exciting new Community of Practice (CoP) for social entrepreneurs in South Africa. The CoP was born out of a partnership between Social Enterprise Academy Africa (SEAA) and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC).